Denise Kelly is a passionate and motivating Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist based in the UK.


She is also an accomplished bioenergetic health testing practitioner with over 10 years experience testing people and pets.


Denise has helped thousands of clients over the years, teaching about the power of good Nutrition and keeping mentally and physically strong to get the best out of life.

She is a published author, delivers seminars all over the world for corporate companies and has three regular columns in a variety of newspapers with many loyal followers.


Here is Denise's story:


Denise's new book 'The Art Of Healthy Living' highlights how every aspect of your life can improve with the correct foods, fitness, mindfulness and emotional support. 


We all know that we could make improvements in order to benefit from a more energetic, vibrant and healthier quality of life.


Without one’s health, the old adage says, one has nothing.


There are so many reasons to live a heathy lifestyle and just as many approaches to achieving it. Some of these approaches may seem too extreme or too limiting and be short lived, but if you are looking to be inspired and motivated to become the best version of you, then look no further!