"Conventional medicine is failing even in the most advanced nations of the world."   

- Price Waterhouse Coopers

Where traditional approaches fall short, the Qest 4 system introduces a new perspective, effectively utilizing the technology of Bio-energetic testing combined with a business model that Denise Kelly has developed to truly help people achieve better balance, greater health and happiness.

And the potential market for these services is essentially unlimited... encompassing men, women, children of all ages, as well as pets. 

There is a significant percentage of the human population that experiences "Functional Disturbance" and welcomes new and specific insights into the underlying causes of their symptoms. 

In addition, the unfortunate truth is we all have lost someone, whether it be a family member, a friend or an acquaintance. That loss has caused each of us to consider our own health and mortality and the desire to better understand the inner conditions of ourselves, physically, mentally and emotionally.

And even the healthiest of people will strive to be healthier.


The Thrive System allows you to test physical, mental and emotional symptoms by helping you go beyond the scope provided by case history information alone, to incorporate real-time responses from the body-mind system.


The Qest 4 is loaded with the 20 most commonly used energetic tests, but also allows you to create a virtually unlimited number of your own specialized tests including allergy sensitivity testing and food sensitivity.

Moving beyond the materialistic view of health and disease as being related only to the physical state of organs and tissues, invites us to explore the subtle and multilayered patterns of thought, emotion and environmental interaction that make up our reality. This, in effect, creates huge market appeal.

Click here for more information on Health Testing and to experience your own Surrogate Health Test.


We are extremely excited about the tremendous opportunity to provide pet owners with the same kind of insight into their beloved pets health and wellness as we are for human testing.  In addition, this capability affords you, the distributor, another avenue for considerable revenue. 

On average, dog owners spend $1,285 a year on their pet, while cat owners spend $915 a year.  A shocking highlight from a recent survey by USA today, was that Millennials expect to spend more money on their dogs over the pet's lifetime than they do on their own lifetime health care costs. 

According to the American Pet Products Association, Americans spend $70 Billion on their pets in one year. 


We strongly encourage our distributors to develop affiliate business relationships. In other words, seek out businesses that can introduce you to clients by virtue of the fact that it compliments what they already do.


For example, some of our distributors have relationships with:

  • Pain Management Facilities - an audience of people in need of any insight into relieving their pain & discomfort

  • Health Spas/ Fitness Centers - a large pool of people looking to improve their health in any way possible

  • Professional Medical Clinics- offers Doctors a broader perspective on their patients overall condition

  • Nutritionists - provides the practitioner invaluable real time data on the clients deficiencies and needs

By aligning with an appropriate affiliate business that would recommend your services and benefit from the results... It's a win-win situation for both parties and an ideal way to cross promote. 

 " Partnerships with affiliate businesses are an easy way to gain clients, cross promote services and increase revenue."