While they obviously can’t just come out and tell us, we at Thrive employ the most advanced Bioenergetic testing available to provide you with unprecedented insight into your pets physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. This is all accomplished through a non-invasive procedure, whereby utilizing a sample of their DNA from hair or nail, a computer based instrument will measure the energy throughout the meridians in your pets body enabling us to identify any imbalances and disturbances. Our technology has a 97% rate of accuracy. 


With over 10 years experience in Bioenergetic testing, and having performed thousands of scans with hundreds of sensors and triggers, we at Thrive are well accomplished in seeing a true picture of how your pets body is functioning on an energetic level. We can look at almost any system in the body to check how in balance it is, often detecting potential problems before they physically surface. In this way, you are empowered to be part of the prevention rather than the cure. 

We know how much your pets mean to you!


Almost every Thrive team member has a pet or numerous pets. Consequently, we know, firsthand, how very important your pets health and wellbeing is to you.


They give us unconditional love and loyalty and in return they rely on us to take care of them in the best ways possible.


Every pet owner at one time or another, has wished that their beloved pet could tell them what hurts…what’s bothering them…how they are feeling. Is it a physical issue…or might it be emotional … yes, emotional!

Did you know that more than 70% of animals, like humans, suffer from “functional disturbances,” when no specific tissue or organ damage can be identified by conventional lab work, yet the animal still experiences a myriad of symptoms?  


Functional medicine is intended to bridge existing diagnostic and therapeutic gaps and give you, as a conscientious animal caretaker, the information you need to help your dog, cat or horse achieve a well-balanced body. After all, a healthy outside starts from the inside. 


In so far as Denise Kelly, the founder of Thrive, is a licensed nutritionist and accomplished Bioenergetic practitioner, careful attention has been given in creating specific customized holistic remedies for each pet and their owners. There is clear guidance as to what remedies, vitamins, minerals, superfoods, omega oils and other solutions we recommend. We have searched out the most reputable sources for natural, 100% organic products from all over the world for your pets. We provide a detailed report of the results of the Bioenergetic scan of your pet and a personal consultation with one of our accomplished practitioners is included and can be gladly arranged. 


All that is required is returning a small piece of your pets fur in the test tube we provide along with a completed short questionnaire. The test results will be back to you within 7 days along with any recommendations.


WAS $249  NOW $199

Disclaimer: We are not Veterinarians. Thrive with Denise Kelly LLC does not claim to prevent, diagnose, cure, prescribe or treat any illness or disease by using our natural herbal products or services. If you have concerns about your pet's health, please consult your holistic veterinarian.


Important Information: The Pet Health Test does not test for allergies. Bioenergetic testing is approved by the FDA to detect stress only. By removing the stressors that show up on the scan results for at least 60 days, our customers inform us that their pets get better. It makes sense. If you remove stress, the animal's body can retrain itself to relax so the body can heal itself.




Owner: Mrs A Micklem from West Sussex, UK

"Rusty is a very sociable dog and loves being around people. We decided to get him scanned because he started getting very scratchy in the heat we have been experiencing lately, and seemed a little irritated. The scan was able to show us why he was itching, what he needed to correct his itching skin, and where he was deficient. As soon as we gave him the drops specifically designed for him, plus some supplements that were recommended, his condition immediately started to improve. It didn’t cost us much and we are so happy with the results. Rusty is back to his relaxed, sociable character! Thank you."



Owner: Lauren from London

"From a puppy maddy has suffered from digestive issues. She’s very sensitive and i have had to be really selective when choosing her food. I have always either made her food myself or given her organic products. The health test revealed she has very little digestive enzymes and we were recommended certain products to help correct this. There was no pushing of where to buy the products, and no hard sale. We purchased some products independently and are extremely happy with how much Maddy has improved. I would highly recommend this health test as it has given us such a great view into Maddys health and wellbeing. Thank you Thrive!"




Charlie was given to us by a friend that moved overseas. He was 4 when we got him and is now 12 years old. We noticed he started leaving his food and gradually lost some weight. The health test revealed he had an infection in a back tooth - which we were then advised by the team at thrive, to see a vet, and sure enough, they confirmed the findings. We were given a solution to help the gum, and the bad tooth was extracted. Charlie is now eating as normal and his weight has stabilised! Such a relief! The test was so simple. All we had to do was send a sample of fur and fill in a questionnaire. The test and results were back within 5 days. Thank you thrive!"




"I decided to get Buddy a health test as he Was attacked by another dog when he was a puppy. This has left him anxious and nervous of other dogs, and sometimes people too. The test confirmed his anxiety, and his emotional state. It was quite an eye opener to think how much he’s been suffering for over 6 years. We have given him some anti- anxiety remedies and a 6 week supply of multi- vitamins. We could see improvements after just 5 days. He’s got a long way to go, but if this has removed some of his worries then we are very happy for him. And us!"

PHOTO-2020-08-13-14-49-01 (2).jpg


Owner: Elizabeth from London

"Maddy is 13 years old and does not walk much anymore. We wanted to get her scanned as she is suffering from arthritis in her hips and we wanted to know if we could treat her with the best nutrition, to help keep her as mobile as possible in her later years. The health scan allowed us to understand what foods, and nutrition she needs to help her joints and generally keep her well into older age. This is the best thing we have done! It’s so interesting as also showed us how she feels emotionally too, which helps us, as the owners, treat her with more understanding."

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