Best food to keep you feeling good for Christmas

If you want to help control cravings, give your body the nutrient dense foods that it needs, reach your ideal weight, plus maintain good health, try including a few of these foods into your regime every day and see the results:

1. Asparagus – high in folate, Iron and Vitamin K - 4 spears of this green beauty are only going to set you back 17 calories.

2. Bell Peppers – Hugely high in Vitamin C this whole pepper is only 26 calories! Slice it, dice it and enjoy it!

3. Broccoli – 100% of your daily vitamin C intake, plus 75% of your vitamin K and folate, this is one you can eat and eat and eat!

4. Brussel Sprouts - Yes, we all love one or two of these stinky vegetables on our plate at Christmas! And why not! One full cup is only 40 calories, and is a rich source of fibre, folate, Vitamin C and Vitamin K.

5. Oats - Helping you to stay full and providing iron, protein, B6, folate and thiamine – one full cup of oats is only 150 calories.

6. Sweet Potatoes – High in Vitamin A, potassium and fibre, this sweet orange treat is your new best friend when it comes to tasty foods.

7. Almonds - Such a great and nutritious snack full of good fats and nutritional goodness. You can make your own butter or milk with these treasures – learn how on our video sections.

8. Avocado – Bursting with good fat, fibre, vitamin C and potassium - this fruit packs a strong punch at supporting the body and making you feel full and satisfied.

9. Chia Seeds – Not only rich in nutrients – but when this seed is soaked it expands up to 10 times the normal size. This helps to keep you feeling full and maintains the balance of your blood sugar levels - which is great to curb cravings.

10. Beans – High in Nutrition and fibre, beans are a good blood sugar stabilizer and should be included in most meals to help maintain weight.

11. Lentils – Packed in protein and high in fibre, these are the perfect ‘bulker’ for any dish to help you feel full and satisfied.

12. Berries – Sweet and delicious - They are the perfect snack. High in Nutrients, antioxidants and fibre you can munch on these all day long.

13. Quinoa – The dieter’s dream! A complete plant-based protein, this staple food can be beneficial in every dish. It takes just 10 minutes to prepare, can be flavoured with herbs and spices and is the perfect feel good food.

14. Celery – Calorie free (nearly!). This watery snack can be chopped up and eaten every day as your go to snack. It can also be juiced to help detox the liver and clean up the blood!


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