Definition of Superfoods

Superfoods are very hyped, but the reason I love to use them with my own family and that of my clients, is because I feel they help to elevate your energy and health to another level.

They give extra "va va voom" to you every day and because they are recognised by the body as a food substance, are very easy to absorb. Plus, they help create good bacteria in the gut and give you Popeye strength, not only physically, but mentally too!

So, what is the definition of a superfood?

A superfood is a nutrient-dense food that offers several health benefits. To be classified as a superfood, the nutrient value must be exceptionally high, and there should be no adverse side effects associated with the food. Chia seeds, for example, are classified as a superfood because they are rich in protein and fibre. Superfood powders are essentially plant-based powders made from ground leaves or seeds. Due to their high concentration of nutrients, they are often labelled as “superfoods,” and are studied for their potential roles on health.

A superfood that is rich in compounds, such as antioxidants, fibre, or fatty acids are considered beneficial to a person's health, above and beyond regular foods.

Greens powders are supplements made from greens, vegetables, seaweed, probiotics, digestive enzymes and more. They may boost immunity and reduce chronic disease risk, but results may vary based on ingredients.

From what I have witnessed – when you include superfood powders into your daily regime – you feel more energised and alert, and your sleeping patterns, digestion and hormones all seem to stay more in balance!