For the love of Chocolate!

On the lead up to Christmas, there is temptation everywhere. I have so many clients with a sweet tooth, and chocolate is everywhere you look this time of year!

I may just have the answer for you…

In two of our superfood blends (Shield and Sweet) I have added cacao powder. This is not only for delicious taste but for fabulous health benefits too.

Cacao is the purest, most natural form of chocolate, rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, this plant-based delight can benefit us in so many ways:

1. High in Protein

Helping to support muscle strength and repair -pre- and post-workouts.

2. Magnesium Rich

This helps support the nervous system and helps you to feel calm and in control.

3. High in Fibre

Helping weight management and increase the body’s natural enzymes. This supports your bodies nutrient absorption which is key when it comes to great health!

4. Lowers Stress & Anxiety

Eating dark chocolate can help reduce anxiety and relieve symptoms of depression. Containing both magnesium and potassium, these are essential nutrients for the optimum functioning of your feel-good hormones.

5. Full of Potassium

Essential for healthy heart function. This in turn supports the circulatory system which is responsible for transporting nutrients, water and oxygen to every cell through arteries, blood vessels and capillaries. Good blood flow is needed for the functioning of the brain, skin, eyes, liver, immune system, digestive system, and daily energy.

6. Feel Good

Cacao helps to lift natural serotonin and endorphins – therefore making you feel happier!

7. Blood Pressure Reduction

Cacao can significantly reduce your blood pressure when included daily in your regime.

8. Increases brain power – This is because of the high nutrient content and its ability to improve blood flow.

9. Anti-aging

Because of the high number of flavonoids and antioxidants, Cacao can help reduce symptoms of dementia and memory loss.

As an added bonus it can also help to keep your skin looking fresh. You can even make a scrub from the powder which gives your skin a fresh youthful glow!

It’s easy to include Cacao daily by adding the Shield or Sweet to your smoothies, warm almond milk, protein balls, breakfast oats, or you can make a delicious almond paste.

All-natural, delicious goodness!


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