Get a bit of spice in your life…the power of Cinnamon.

In some of our Thrive superfood blends we have included this spice…why? Because it is so powerful.

You either love it or hate it but there is no doubt this aromatic spice can do you a whole heap of good, so including it in your daily regime will only have positive effects on your health.

Cinnamon is a powerful antioxidant containing more antioxidants than garlic and oregano. These substances shield the body from free radicals that cause oxidative stress, which occurs when the body cannot detoxify all the damaging free radicals building up. Antioxidants can help prevent the negative impact excess free radicals can have on the immune system.

The antioxidants and polyphenols in cinnamon also possess anti-inflammatory properties. Under normal circumstances, inflammation helps the body repair tissue damage and fight infections. However, in some cases, swelling can work against the tissues or become chronic over an extended period. Conditions and events that cause inflammation can lead to chronic pain. Cinnamon is particularly good for inflammation of the liver.

Heart disease is the number one cause of premature death. Cinnamon can reduce bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, helping good HDL cholesterol remain stable in the body. It can also help reduce blood pressure, showing positive effects on blood markers. Cinnamon can improve insulin resistance, blood glucose, and lipid metabolism, and reduce oxidative stress. All of this helps lower the risk of heart disease.

Cinnamon's main, active ingredient is cinnamaldehyde; oils made using this ingredient can help treat ailments from respiratory tract infections to the flu. Cinnamon is effective against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. It can help protect the body from digestive symptoms and the common cold and offers a boost to the immune system. Cinnamon extract, along with clove, may also stop the growth of bacteria that cause infections such as salmonella and listeria.

These are only some of the important reasons this super spice should make a regular appearance in our daily health regimes – its powerful and completely as nature intended!


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