How to set goals... that you stick to!

All we have is the here and now. There is so much love, genius, and creativity in each and every person. If you find yourself fighting to feel that you matter, or thinking that your accomplishments aren’t ever enough, I’m here to tell you that EVERYTHING you do is enough!

Goal setting has to come from the heart. In fact, everything you do is far better when it comes from the heart.

The purpose of goal setting is to focus your mind, but don’t be harsh on yourself if you fail one day. Just pick up where you fell from and start all over again.

Also, choose things that are realistic for you. Who cares what your friends are doing, this is all about YOU! Your challenges and goals need to light your soul.

I love running and for me there is no other feeling like it. I’m outside in the fresh air and I love the natural endorphin kick it gives me. I ran 4-5 times a week, most weeks last year, so setting an everyday target is going to be a challenge in itself for the 31 days of January. But what this does is give you a natural lift in mood once it’s done and in theory gives you the incentive to continue and set new goals and targets in February too.

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone all the time, is such a good elating feeling and creates more confidence in you as a person and can even create more alignment with your true life’s purpose.

Now you might not have your purpose completely figured out, and this is totally OK - but consistent challenges and pushing yourself out of your regular zone will potentially help you find it. Allow yourself to enjoy the process of uncovering the things that make you happiest and before you know it your purpose will unfold.

In “The Art of Happiness”, the Dali Lama said– “the goal of life is to be happy.” This is simplicity at its best! If you are truly happy in life, you are feeling loving energy and beaming it out into the world. You are affecting others in ways you might not even know. Happiness and other positive emotions are here to help guide you toward the things that are right for you.

Here’s a list of ideas that you might want to try for your January goals, or of course feel free to create your own:

  1. Workout daily to clear the mind and release stress.

  2. Choose to read something uplifting every day.

  3. Spend time outside in nature.

  4. Meditate daily and set yourself clear intentions for the day.

  5. Do something special for someone every day – make others happy and look for opportunities to make miracles (acts of love) happen in everyday life by helping people.

  6. Be creative – write a poem, draw a picture, take photos, learn pottery.

  7. Practice daily Gratitude thanking the universe for simple things.

  8. Spend time with people you love (when we can) and surround yourself with positive people.

  9. Write a daily journal.

Happiness goals are just little rituals, habits and healthy things that can make a big difference to your life.


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