Our Slim superfood blend. Why is it so powerful for your health?

I have had so many people contact me about weight loss this time of year! I am certainly not about counting calories and anyone that knows me understands that for me, and my clients, it’s all about bombarding the body with goodness.

If you want a more balanced weight you need a good plant-based source of protein, you also need so much goodness thrown into your body that you cannot possibly crave the foods that you normally do. I find that once people start to eat really clean, the cravings start to disappear.

I have been asked so much this week about the ‘Slim’ superfood blend, that I thought I should explain just why it is so good to help support your body if shifting a few pounds, feeling great and looking more toned and leaner is your aim.

In the Slim superfood blend, it’s the Moringa that is the fat burner, as well as the energy enhancer. It’s also a insoluble fibre, so helps you to feel full.

It can also help shift things a bit, so if you are someone who suffers from constipation, then this will start to get some good movement. Constipation is a massive cause of pain, feeling of fullness and a sluggish digestion. And if you suffer from this weight loss, or weight maintenance will be difficult.

There is also Spirulina in this blend; one of my all-time favourite superfoods. Its protein rich, amino acid spectrum will help the body burn calories and give you a burst of Nutrients, such as vitamin B, C, E and chlorophyll.

The Pea Protein is the cravings saver, as is the Hemp Powder. This good fat is easy to digest and is rich in minerals such as prosperous, magnesium, calcium and iron.

The Blackberry Powder gives it that extra hit of antioxidants and helps reduce abdominal fat!

So, there you go, in a nutshell. Couple this mix, with the recipes on our cards that come with each and every blend, and you have yourself a packet of metabolism boosting goodness!

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