The Benefits Of EFT

I have seen so many of my clients benefit from EFT (emotional freedom technique) sessions. For me it’s the best therapy, because you’re not going continuously backwards, but focusing on the now and how to take steps forward.

It’s important to seek out the therapy that works for best for you, but just know that the best way to describe EFT is that it is like acupuncture without the needles and helps to balance the body and create harmony.

EFT, combined with a whole food plant-based diet to build your physical and mental strength, makes for a very powerful formula and I have seen it have dramatic effects on a person’s health. EFT is about acknowledging what’s happened and tapping that emotion out of the body. It’s simple and effective, and pain free.

Check out these top 10 reasons of why it’s so good…

1. You can quickly and easily apply EFT for yourself. It only requires you to have hands and a body! You don't even have to worry about where you tap because the order of moving around the body, which hand you use or how many taps on each point, doesn't matter at all.

2. You can do it whenever you need to, even without booking a session. There are plenty of tapping apps, tapping videos on YouTube and tapping scripts in books or downloadable from websites. It's extremely accessible.

3. Young children can do it for themselves, so if they can't get to sleep, are worried about being alone or in the dark, or frightened of monsters under the bed, they can tap and feel calm enough to get back to sleep. For children taking exams, it's something they can do before and even during the exam to calm them in anxious moments.

4. It doesn't matter if you don't believe in it! It will still work because it works on your tapping, not on your conscious mind. You’re tapping and breathing moves the energy around the body, clearing the heavy anxious energy so that you feel calm and free of worries.

5. It's free! You can do it when you’re in your car, on the phone, in a lift! Wherever you want.

6. It is self-care - so when you feel better, you can feel good about yourself and feel proud that you were able to self-soothe. This is really helpful for young people as it helps to build their self-esteem rather than rely on parents or teachers to fix their problem.

7. It relieves stress and anxiety – both of these result in the amygdala being triggered into a flight/fright response when sometimes there is no need because you aren't in a life-or-death situation. Tapping calms, the amygdala down and enables you to pause and process what's happening so you can make good choices.

8. It can quickly change your mood. The fastest way to change state (mood) is by changing your breathing by say, yoga, exercise, laughter, singing and the breathing and tapping process will change your state to a more resourceful one.

9. You accept your feelings. Before you start the tapping process, you prepare your body by acknowledging what it is you are working on. You could say something like - "Even though I feel so angry I love and accept myself anyway". So instead of trying to pretend everything is fine, you accept those negative feelings and yourself for having them.

10. It allows you to tune into your emotions. As you tap around the body, you sense what the emotions are and where they are being experienced in the body, what colour they are, how intense. As you tap around the points and breathe, you can monitor what's changing. Sometimes new emotions come up, others fade, colours change. It can be amazing how your body has such a language of colour and image. It's the language of your subconscious mind.