Ways to stay happy and healthy this Christmas

I know, we all want to indulge, play games, drink and be merry this Christmas. But if you want to stay in a good mood, feel energized and really enjoy your Christmas, doing these simple things will help keep you feeling on top of your game:

1. Make sure you keep moving

There is a massive temptation to just sit still and eat all day long at Christmas. In order to feel good mentally and physically, you need to get outside in the fresh air and keep moving. Even a 30 mins brisk walk will help to stimulate the lymphatic system and keep your circulation flowing. These are two key elements to making you feel good and keep those toxins moving out your body!

2. Stay hydrated

With all the extra indulgence and rich fatty foods, and the extra glasses of vino – you are much more likely to feel dehydrated. If you want glossy glowing skin, and good digestion, you will want to drink plenty of water. Make it exciting by adding berries, orange and lemons to the water and keep a large jug on the side so you are aware how much you have drunk that day. It will also enhance your brain power for all those Christmas quizzes!

3. Take your superfoods

Make sure you are adding in extra vitamins and minerals every day. Christmas can sometimes be stressful! If you are stressed, you become depleted and deficient – which makes you feel rubbish!

4. Get plenty of sleep

Often in the lead up to Christmas we can be up writing cards – wrapping presents – finishing off work and generally being super busy! So, catching up on extra sleep can replenish the body. Have some lovely relaxing oils in the bath such as lavender and camomile and make the most of non-working hours!

5. Use the time to rest

When do you normally get time to relax and watch movies! After your long family walk – come back and relax! Resting can be as replenishing as sleeping, so make sure you take time out this Christmas.

6. Think about your new health goals for 2021

It’s good to have goals and aspirations. Take time to think about what you want so you can make clear pathways. When you know where you are heading it’s easier to get there!

7. Have fun, laugh and let go!

It’s been a tough year for so many of us – and laughter creates endorphins and reduces stress. Both of which will help you to relax and have a great time. Watch funny programs, get your comedian cousin on zoom, or just be silly with the kids. Whatever it takes..just make sure you laugh…a lot!!


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