Why disease manifests.

In my book ‘The Art of Healthy Living’, I talk about some of the reasons disease manifests and I strongly believe that these shouldn’t be happening in the modern world we live in.

We have an abundance of food everywhere we look. We can get food of any tradition or culture almost 24/7 But one of the major causes of disharmony, or disease in the body is being Nutrient deficient.

I talk a lot about how important it is to eat a wide range of vitamins and minerals, but it's only when we are not getting enough, that we truly realise the effects.

Feeling tired for no reason, having low energy, looking pale and always getting sick can all be signs of certain nutrient deficiencies. Not getting enough vitamins and minerals can have detrimental, long-term impacts on our health. Eating a well-balanced diet is essential as these nutrients have a range of roles in the body. Everything from synthesising body tissues, such as our bones and muscles, to transferring nerve signals throughout the body, as precursors for thousands of enzymes in the body, keeping the hormones balanced and functioning efficiently, maintaining good gut health, to removing or neutralising waste products.

As not all vitamins and minerals are produced naturally in the body, and the amount of each nutrient you should consume depends on your age, stage of life, health (if you suffer a chronic health condition or not), pregnancy and breastfeeding, and the amount of physical activity you do. It’s vital to concentrate on the foods that are going to give us the best dose of daily goodness.

Overeating the ‘wrong’ high sugar, high damaging fat foods for example, can cause deficiencies, as your body tries to get rid of the waste or the toxins this creates. If we don't eat enough of the good stuff, where we can ingest a high number of daily vitamins and minerals, the potential risks of becoming, or being, nutrient deficient are much higher.

Without these essential nutrients we can't grow or function properly and this is particularly important during the early years of life when we are developing rapidly.

When micronutrients are not consumed in adequate quantities, a variety of undesirable symptoms may develop, such as problems with digestion, skin issues, stunted or defective bone growth, mood swings and mental health problems, sleep issues and allergies.

With many fad diets removing food groups such as grains, which provide B vitamins and iron, nutrient deficiencies are not a rare occurrence. We are all responsible for our food choices, so we should give careful consideration to what we consume on a daily basis, as this can have a massive impact on our long-term health.

You are what you eat!


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