Why maintaining a healthy weight is so important…

Weight loss is not just for the build up to Christmas, or for the month of January.

Stabilizing your weight and maintaining your health go hand in hand and should be taken very seriously.

It’s not about being stick thin, or not eating. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Last summer I developed a diet plan and purposely included a substantial amount of food. I was receiving phone calls from clients saying they couldn’t possibly eat it all! But guess what…they were losing, on average, 5lbs per week. And eating more than they had eaten for a while.

If you starve yourself, your body just stores the fat because it doesn’t know when your next meal is coming. There are so many reasons for us to stick to a good, healthy body weight…and here are just a few:

1. To maintain better energy throughout the day

If you are carrying extra body weight then, this will surely interfere with your daily energy levels. This in turn will make it harder to exercise, and then you start feeling rubbish and so it goes on. This makes life difficult and becomes a cycle of over-eating – under exercising and gaining more weight.

2. Fertility is affected

If you are carrying excess body fat this can have an impact on all of your body systems, such as hormones, digestion, skeletal etc. If you are overweight you are much more likely to skip periods, and it can be more problematic and take longer to conceive.

3. It can lower your risk of serious disease

When you are overweight you increase your risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, hormonal disorders and generally throwing your health out of balance. These are good reasons to want to be serious about maintaining a healthy weight.

4. Sleep

This needs to be restorative in order to maintain health – If you have excess belly fat, this can stop your lungs from expanding fully. If you can’t breathe deeply, you cannot go into that deep relaxed state that you need to in order to have overnight repair and protection. Being overweight also increases your risk of developing sleep apnea – and this is not pleasant. Basically, it’s when you stop breathing multiple times while you are asleep.

5. Decreases your sex drive

Having a high BMI literally lowers your sex drive. It can dramatically lower your desire to have sex, mainly because of hormone imbalances. In men, being overweight can be a real risk factor for erectile dysfunction, a condition that interferes with your ability to develop and sustain an erection.

6. Your emotional well-being

Your body produces chemicals that help buffer stress and stimulate good feelings. The inflammatory chemicals produced from excess body fat not only interfere with feel-good substances, they increase stress-related hormones, which can leave you feeling flat and low in mood. More than 40% of adults with depression are obese.

So, as you can see, getting to a healthy weight is vitally important, not just for your emotional health, but for your physical health too.


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