Why Meditate?

The purpose of meditation is to accomplish a level of consciousness to master the mind and connect with the finest, deepest and subtlest part of yourself.

Countless benefits of meditation have been studied in all areas; physical, mental and spiritual/philosophical.

You can change just about anything you don’t like about yourself, both psychologically, as well as physically, through meditation. However, from what I have learnt so far, this is only when practised constantly when you allow your brain to do the work and let go.

Of course, this takes practise, just as if you were training to run a marathon, you wouldn’t just wake up one morning and run. You would dedicate time to prepare your body and it's exactly the same with meditation.

The practise is needed so you do not interrupt the benefit with other thoughts, but simply let their effect implement itself in your body and mind. Even though the practice of meditation is more psychological and less physical, the first benefit you are going to experience is both physical as well as mental.

Main Benefits of Meditation

  1. Improving inward attention and sharpening the mind

  2. Relaxation of the body

  3. Energy – increase both physical and mental strength

  4. Observance

  5. Peacefulness, stillness and space of mind for deeper observation

  6. Patience

  7. Courage - using effort and braveness to look into the weaknesses of yourself and at the hardship of your life, endure it and patiently overcome obstacles

  8. Wisdom - the moment when you feel that meditation gives you the feeling and the knowledge that what you do relating to life and practical affairs is just.

  9. Equanimity - that puts you in a state of composure and you experience an ongoing blissful state of being

Peacefulness is the source of a blissful life.

Whatever we want to accomplish in life we need physical and mental strength. Peacefulness is also needed for the calmness and stillness that creates space for freedom of being and creative thinking, and patience for the process of accomplishment. You can only get creative in thinking and boosted with physical and mental energy when you get in touch with the deepest levels of yourself – hence why meditation is such an important part of our daily routines.

Developing the power of patience is also crucial. If you have experienced these incredible benefits from meditation, it means that you have invested a certain amount into mastering yourself and your mind.

Your heart, body and soul are the bridge to which the challenges of life frequently carry their heavy load. Meditation is the support of that bridge, taking the stress and anxiety away from your body. It does not remove them or take your troubles away but equips you to find a new way of dealing with them. One that has far less of a damaging impact on your health and wellbeing.