Why Yoga and meditation is so good for our health

Yoga and meditation when practiced together reinforce the connection between mind and body, elevating health and well-being to another level.

There are several styles of yoga that merge meditation with the physical routines, which use controlled breathing throughout the poses of yoga.

By simply unwinding, clearing the mind and concentrating on controlled breathing, the whole nervous system is calmed, therefore creating feelings of clarity and relaxation.

Both yoga and meditation have proven health benefits when practiced regularly and here are a few good reasons why including it in your everyday regime is going to be super good for your mind, body and soul.


Regular yoga practice assists to reduce stress responses in the body, and ailments such as high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases significantly reduces when the inflammatory response to stressors on the body is reduced. Meditation is also a useful component of reducing the stress.


The poses of yoga focus on stretching the muscles. It increases the elasticity of muscles that helps your daily movements such as lifting and bending. Many athletes around the world include yoga into their workout to maintain flexibility, but not only this, yoga and stretching helps to improve your lymphatic system, allowing better detoxification of the body.


Both yoga and meditation significantly improve the focus of mind and give an overall sense of well-being, creating happier, calmer and more positive thoughts and feelings. Meditation offers an emotional improvement through deep relaxation and it can be practiced by taking just a 10-minute meditation break right in the car, at your desk, as you walk in the fresh air or whenever you can fit it into your day.


Life can be stressful and exhaustion from long hours and less sleep, hypersensitivity, and anxiety disorders are considered ‘normal’. Let me tell you it’s NOT! By including yoga and meditation into your life you will improve the value and possibly the quantity of your life. By improving your health you can take part in more physical activities and simply feel superior to the things you do every day.

Studies have proved that doing yoga consistently improves health and body responsiveness, leading to better eating habits. This, in turn, increases confidence and the wish to take better care of your own body.

So, if you don’t already, including such practises into your life, as yoga and meditation can only be a good thing!!


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