The Art Of Healthy Living



'The Art Of Healthy Living' highlights how every aspect of your life can improve with the correct foods, fitness, mindfulness and emotional support. 


We all know that we could make improvements in order to benefit from a more energetic, vibrant and healthier quality of life.


Without one’s health, the old adage says, one has nothing.


There are so many reasons to live a healthy lifestyle and just as many approaches to achieving it. Some of these approaches may seem too extreme or too limiting and be short lived, but if you are looking to be inspired and motivated to become the best version of you, then look no further!


Embarking on your quest for a healthy life to look and feel amazing is not always easy – obstacles may often block the way.


Expanding your nutritional knowledge is a key factor in creating a personally-tailored approach that works within your goals and lifestyle that is sustainable long-term.


'The Art of Healthy Living' is engaging, informative and even humorous at times, encouraging all walks of life to make simple, understandable and incremental changes in diet and lifestyle that will clear new paths to a wonderful health-centric existence. 

The Art Of Healthy Living


"This book explains it all and shows how to achieve optimum health and happiness. For those starting out on this journey, I recommend this fabulous book"


Jo Wood - Former Model, Television Personality and Entrepreneur



"Denise Kelly's The Art of Healthy Living is a breath of fresh air in the health and wellness industry."


Ross King - Television Presenter, Actor & Writer