Our superfood blends have been specifically formulated to provide you with simple and easy ways to add an abundance of nutrients into your body - every day, naturally. Helping you to feel fabulous!


From over 15 years of clinical practise, Denise Kelly has blended the best, most powerful health enhancing ingredients together to help improve your health with one easy scoop. She has thought about every aspect of your health; from anxiety, to getting a better night's sleep, to increasing your immune strength, to creating more sustained energy, helping your skin glow from within, and so much more.

Mixing our 'S’ range superfood blends together can work really well for your health. There are no restrictions on which ones you mix!

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In the times that we are living in, one of the most important things we can do is support our immune systems. Prevention is far better than cure, and with good clean living, and adding this incredible blend of stress relieving, immune boosting superfoods, into your daily regime, you really are going to be ‘shielded’ and ‘protected’ on a deeper level. 

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Popeye didn’t eat his greens for nothing you know! Getting a daily dose of our ‘super’ greens is going to give you a body charge that will make even the most relaxed person want to climb Mount Everest! This muscle strengthening, digestive aiding, bone supporting, brain boosting super blend really does kick some butt! 

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With the everyday stress of modern life, everyone could do with a little calming! You can take this anytime of day or night to take the edge off and help you to relax. With the immune boosting superfoods that we have included in this bundle of calming goodness, this is not only going to aid in your restful sleep, but give your cells an antioxidant kick like no other, renewing your system to start fresh and bright the following day! No grogginess, side effects or irritability! Wake up ready to go!

Healthy Morning


This stimulating and metobolism boosting blend will help to guide and support your body to help maintain a healthy weight. So many people think that to lose weight they have to starve themselves. This could not be further from the truth. Our fabulous blends will help you with food cravings and aid in keeping you feeling fuller for longer - as well as making sure you are nutritionally nourished which is essential when it comes to a healthy body. 

Homemade Chocolate Truffles


Everything has to taste good right? And who are we to deprive you of that! This delicious anti-oxidant blend can be taken on its own or added to all of our ’S’ range to chocolate it up!! With this powerful health enhancing blend, you will feel naturally more energised and ready to take on the world! 

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If you desire beautiful Cleopatra skin - then look no further. This incredible blend of luscious superfoods help to revive and give that beautiful healthy, youthful glow from within! Beauty always begins from the inside and radiates outwards. Coupled with a clean and plant based diet, this product will give your skin the boost it needs.