Moving beyond the materialistic view of health and disease as being related only to the physical state of organs and tissues, invites us to explore the subtle and multilayered patterns of thought, emotion and interaction with the environment that makes up our reality.

Introducing the newly advanced Qest 4 Mobile with built in Bluetooth technology ... allowing you to scan anywhere with a totally wireless system.

The body is made of energy matter.

This cutting edge Bioenergetic testing works by reading the body's energy patterns and measuring its flow in and out of organs and tissue. 
As we go through life, we get blockages, either through toxins, emotional traumas etc, and we get depleted, stuck and sometimes the disease process begins.


The Qest 4 simply detects where those challenges/blockages are in the body, reading the energy flows (in a similar way to acupuncture) and works on releasing those blockages to allow the body to re-balance.